27″ Phoenix 2700-DHP Roll Laminator (April Bundle Sale)


Laminating Film: Education Market/School Grade, Clear, 1" core × 4


Phoenix 2700-DHP 27” Roll Laminator


April Bundle Sale: $2549.00
1 Roll Laminator Phoenix 2700-DHP  
4 rolls of Film FREE  27″ x 500′
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(*Additional charges will apply for additional products ordered)
The Phoenix 2700-DHP Production Model is a smart choice for production environments looking for an economical, easy to use unit.  It’s tabletop design is great for small working areas. Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the unit allows the use of either 1″ or 2-1/4″ core laminating films in thickness of 1.5 mil to 10 mil.   Safety measures include safety latches on the feed tray and safety shield preventing the unit from running if they are not in place.   Also, when the machine has been idle for 1/2 hour, a standby mode will activate and the temperature drops into an auto sleep mode. After 3 hours of being idle, the heaters turn off.

27” Roll Laminator

•Laminating width: up to 27”
•Max film gauge: up to 10 mil
•Film core size: 1” and 2.25”
•Speed: up to 10 feet per minute

Variable speed—adjustable speeds to allow best results with different film thicknesses
Adjustable tension—for optimal results on any material
Adjustable rollers—can gap from 1/16” to 1/4” for mounting
Cooling fans—allows for laminating with a wider range of film thicknesses
Clear safety shield—allows user to see their work and reduces injuries by not running when shield is removed
Reverse switch—for clearing misfeeds
Auto shut off—turns off after three hours of non use for increased safety and energy savings
Auto standby mode—automatically enters standby mode after thirty minutes of non use and holds temp at 176º for two hours
Silicone heated rollers—for easier cleaning
Easily aligned top and bottom rollers—for simpler installation and consistent results
This heated roll laminating machine comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

Roll Laminator – Oversized Truck Shipment
Laminating Film – UPS ground


Additional information

Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 22 × 43 in

Laminating Film: Education Market/School Grade, Clear, 1" core



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