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What do you use to clean the rubber rollers on a pouch laminator?

An easy way to clean the rollers is, while the rollers are hot, for instance after a laminating job, pass an empty carrier through several times.
The adhesive will come off onto the carrier and remove some of it.

We offer a laminator cleaning kit, to help care for your pouch laminator, check it out here: Laminator Cleaning Kit.
Apply the denatured alcohol OR mild soapy water to a mildly abrasive cleaning pad, such as a 3M WHITE Scotch Brite, and gently rub the rollers until the adhesive is removed. Be careful not to damage the roller by rubbing too hard. When the adhesive has been removed wipe the roller clean with the lint free cloth. Please do not use exacto blades or straight edges to clean your rollers.

Rubber Roll Cleaning Erasers are used to remove excess adhesive on the roller for thermal roll laminators. Simply rub the specially designed erasers on the built up adhesive on your laminators rollers and watch the adhesive disappear, no chemicals required!

*always refer to the manual for this process*